Accountability, motivation, community and wellness.

The accountability project is a project near to our hearts that we have created to motivate and hold accountable those who may be struggling with committing to a healthy lifestyle. 

As a health coach and a hypnotherapist we have access to a vast amount of information, tools and "tricks" to help you stay accountable to you!

join us in this exciting 12 week transformational project and come out the other side a happier, healthier, more positive version you always knew you had the chance to become.

we are here for you every step of the way!


The Accountability Project is a 12 week program to give you all the tools you need to stay Accountable, Motivated and Committed to your health goals. 

Start Date: January 11, 2022 - March 29, 2022

Times available (pick 1): Tuesdays 9:30-11:30am or 7-9pm

Each Tuesday we will meet at The Zen Zone for your weekly weigh-in and measurements followed by a 2 hour workshop to give you the tools you need to be successful!  Topics will range from goal setting, to hacking the subconscious to find unconscious triggers that are blocking you, to healthy nutritional habits and so much more!

There is no set eating or exercise program, but we will help curate programs for you based on your individual needs.

If you've ever thought about hiring a health coach or a hypnotherapist to help you, know that our one-on-one services range from $90-120/hour.  Knowing that typically there are multiple sessions required for these programs.  Even for that rate, the value is AMAZING if it helps you live a healthier happier life...BUT....we want to give you this program, a total of 24 hours of high value content ($2400), for only $479. 

We have a remote version of the program if you are unable to attend in-person meetings.  Just know that in-person meetings are better for accountability, but we understand if the remote option is best for you at this time. 

It's time you invested in you.  Let's make 2022 the year we ditch the resolutions and create the best version of you you can be!



I am Jenn Cullen and I became a certified Health Coach in May of 2021, by stumbling upon the Health Coach Institute website!  Once I investigated and had my own 'Total Transformation Breakthrough' coaching call, I knew this path was meant for me!   I have always had a passion for 'Wellness' and all that the word encompasses: body/mind/spirit!  


I have had my own battles with body image, 'diet culture' and finding what foods work best for me!  And guess what...that is always an evolution!   I wanted to create a place where I could help people become masters of habit change, and along the way find some self-love and compassion, and learn how to fuel their bodies in order to feel their absolute best EVERY DAMN DAY! 


I am married to my high school sweetheart, have 2 children, who are now officially 'grown ups, and live in my home-town, which just fills me to the brim with pride! 


If you are ready to be drenched in positivity and to believe in yourself like you never have before, stick around, I can help show you the way!  I know you know exactly what you are looking for, I will just hold the flashlight so it's easier to find!


Hi!  My name is Carmen and I have been in the health and wellness industry since I was 16 years old.  I currently own the best little yoga studio, The Zen Zone and have studied yoga and the physical and mental benefits of yoga for the past 20 years.  I worked as a certified weight management coach for 5 years, have a Personal Fitness Trainer degree and have been a certified clinical Hypnotherapist since 2015. 


I have always had a keen interest in all things subconscious, energetic and vibrational.  After my Hypnotherapy training, I branched off into ThetaHealing, Law of Attraction studies and Higher Mind Hypnosis.  I can't wait to share all the information that I have learned over the years to help you on your journey to wellness. 

During the past couple years with the struggles of Covid and the impact it had on my studio and in turn on me, I found that I was no longer putting my health and fitness as a priority.  During the last couple months I have been doing some intense research on overcoming the stress that comes from managing life through a pandemic and how to prioritize health over fear.  My journey is going to unfold right along with yours.

Join me for some inspiration, motivation, high vibes and accountability!  This project has been a brain child of mine for a long time and I am so excited about collaborating with my childhood friend Jenn on The Accountability Project!