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Please be advised that The Zen Zone is permanently closed.



The Zen Zone is a cozy, independently owned yoga studio that offers a variety of yoga classes.  


We offer an amazing warm yoga series as well as many different vinyasa classes. Some of our classes are held in a warm room, others room temperature.  By exercising in a warm room, you increase the flexibility in the muscles, prevent injuries and maximize the rejuvenating effects of the yoga on the body.


If you are looking for a different type of workout, want to add an active flexibility component to your fitness regime or if you are just starting out…this is the place for you!  


We welcome everyone with open arms and want you to know that we will answer any questions or concerns you have.  Just ask!


All In-Studio Yoga Classes have to be booked on this website.  Just set up your account, purchase your class package and book the classes you would like to attend!  If you have previously purchased classes with us, please set up your account on this website first.  Please insert your first and last name as I don't know who you are just based on your email.  This sends us a notification to update your account manually.  You will receive an email when your account is updated (please give us some time as we aren't always at our desk).  If you feel you have non-expired classes (we expire classes older than 2 years) and they haven't been updated within 24 hrs, please contact us by email.  You can sign yourself and a guest up, but we do prefer each yogi to have their own account for contact tracing purposes.  We are excited to have you join us!

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We welcome all shapes, all sizes, and all fitness levels.  There really is a class suited for everyone here.  Feel safe and motivated with our experienced RYT teachers.  We promise you will feel connected, grounded and relaxed here.




Can't make it into the studio? 

We have a huge video library: 225+ and counting!

 There are lots of every type of yoga class so you can customize your practice at home whenever suits your schedule!

Unlimited Live

Zoom Classes

Huge Yoga Library to suit your needs for your at-home practice

Challenges and accountability



346 10th Street Brandon, MB R7A 4G1

phone: 204-740-0100  email: